Itinerary 行程表

Day 1: Singapore > Changsha 长沙

Day 2: Changsha 长沙 > Phoenix Ancient Town 凤凰古城 (approx 5.5 h)
  • Head to Phoenix Ancient Town (view Tua River by boat ride, ancient tower, Diaojiao Tower, Wanmin Tower, Wanshou Palace, Hongqiao Art Tower) 凤凰古城:沱江泛舟,古代城楼,吊脚楼,万民楼,万寿楼,虹桥艺术楼
  • Night tour of Phoenix Ancient Town 夜游凤凰古城
  • Dinner: Miao Folkoric Delights 苗家风味

Day 3: Phoenix Ancient Town > Zhang Jia Jie (approx 4 h)
  • Drive to Zhang Jia Jie
  • Visit Mt Tianmen Scenic Area (2-way cable car included), Lingxiao Platform, Ghost Valley Plank Road 天门山景区(缆车上下),凌霄台,鬼谷栈道
  • Glass Plank Road and Tianmen Cave 玻璃栈道,天门洞
  • Lunch - Mushroom feast 蘑菇宴

Day 4: Zhang Jia Jie
  • National Forest Park 国家森林公园
  • Jin Bian Stream, Shui Rao Simen 金鞭溪,水绕四门
  • Yellow Dragon Cave (with boat ride) 黄龙洞
  • Lunch - Korea BBQ 韩式烤肉

Day 5: Zhang Jia Jie
  • Tian Zi Mountain (up by Bailong Elevator), Helong Park, Yuanjiajie Scenic Area, Backyard Garden 乘百龙电梯上天子山风景区,御笔峰,西海石林,贺龙园,袁家界,后花园
  • Down by Bailong Elevator 百龙电梯下山
  • Ten Mile Gallery (by sightseeing train) 乘小火车游览十里画廊
  • Lunch - Herbal cuisine 药膳风味

Day 6: Zhang Jia Jie
  • Junsheng Sandstone Painting Museum 君声砂石画廊
  • Big Grand Canyon (by boat, slide) 全新景区大峡谷
  • Lunch - Tu folkloric delights 土家风味

Day 7: Zhang Jia Jie > Shaoshan (approx 4 h) > Changsha (approx 1.5 h)
  • Maozedong Former Residence, Bronze Statue Square 韶山:毛泽东故居,铜像广场
  • Back to Changsha - Hot spring in hotel 泡温泉

Day 8:Changsha > Singapore (approx. 4 h)
  • Jiandu Museum 简牍博物馆
  • Hunan Embroidery Museum 湘绣博物馆
  • Huangxing Road Shopping Street 黄兴路步行街
  • Dinner - Hunan cuisine 湘菜风味

  • Yanyu Phoenix Show 烟雨张家界歌舞秀
  • Hunan City Tour by car
  • Du Fu Jiang Ge 杜甫江阁

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  1. We were there in June. Good to bring along snacks (to eat along long bus journey), coffee, sweater, umbrella, sun glasses, sun block, short rain coat, hat. The weather changes quickly even on a single day from cool to extremely hot and sunny. Observe personal hygiene and be careful of your steps. One falls easily because of the terrain and diarrhoea was not unknown to our group.